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The Basic Concept of Grief is flawed.
There is this mythos surrounding it that demands lifelong pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are willing, it can break open your heart. The further you fall, the higher you rise. Life was not meant to be a struggle.

Three Good Reasons

To Pick Up the Reins of Your Life
√ Regain a richer quality of life as you change your perspective from the inside. Learn to see things from a different perspective; one that works FOR you not against you. Work with a guide who has walked in your shoes and come out of that Dark Night of the Soul to the other side. Self Mastery is worth 10 times more than information: it transforms you. Accelerate the shift. It should never have to take years to feel better. Return to autonomy.
√ Improve your relationship with yourself and others. When you are stuck in pain, you are in a state of isolation, overwhelm and confusion. All confidence is lost. When you reconnect, you regain vital energy that feeds your soul. You are not alone in this. The fragility of life has hounded humans since the dawn of time. Connect with others who know what you know and be validated in this esoteric knowledge sets you apart from the mainstream in a good way.
√ Redirect your life away from years of trauma and loss. The high cost is visceral. The emotional pain impacts your health. It causes muscle pain that just gets worse. You understand the physical cost in terms of how it feels, now find out how to free yourself of all that tension and stress. No conventional solution addresses the physical discomfort of long-term grief and trauma. If all you got from this were feeling better in your body, the value would last you a lifetime!
About The Aftermath of Grief Coaching
Intimate life coaching with Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, located in Jacksonville, OR, specializing in the aftermath of grief and trauma. The focus is on moving beyond what holds you back. To help you move out of traumatic grief - the kind that lasts for years and just doesn’t quit - a unique system is available to you.

Instead of basking in all that you have lost, become empowered to live a life you love once more. Rather than going over the pain again and again. Get the tools to get over it.
Instead of slowly dying inside, regain the capacity to feel alive again.
the methods
and the mission
Grief is An Embodied Process
Grief is not something that just happens to us. It envelops us in a warped perspective that sears through the body, leaving traces of unwanted emotions, images, thoughts, hormones and physical pain everywhere. 

This is an alternative to conventional therapy which puts the therapist in the driver’s seat rather than you. But it’s your life. With somatic grief coaching you are in the driver’s seat. Your issues are in your tissues. Somatic Grief Coaching allows you to release the emotional pain at the cellular level. And, you get to learn how to do this for yourself in record time. At Your Life Matters, the gift of grief is a foundational assumption: life is too short to rehash the past over and over again.

This is for independent thinkers, who want to find their own way. It gives you the keys to newfound resilience in how you navigate reality, but even more importantly, it helps you awaken your deepest, most profound connection: a very personal, inner spiritual connection that inspires your breath, your body and your very soul.


Trauma produces a state of dread and anxiety over what might be coming next. Any major loss is a Lifequake. A Lifequake is like an earthquake: it causes such upheaval that you are completely thrown out of any semblance of a normal life.

With any sudden dramatic change, such as the death of a loved one, or whenever life follows a path that no one would choose on purpose, the trauma that ensues is an upheaval that affects perspective, identity, emotional balance and causes chronic physical distress and pain. This is a direct attack on the whole person: body, mind and soul. The word, "Soma" translates from the ancient Greek to mean, "the Whole Person," including every level of experience: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the energetic. Up to this point, there have been no solutions to grief that address all of these levels of human experience. Somatic grief coaching, however, is now available to you. Find comfort at the level of body, mind and soul. Regain the sense of agency over your own life direction.


A somatic response is vital because the nature of trauma is different than average grief. Significant, intimate trauma happens in a split second. And in that split second, there is a sudden awareness that nothing in your life will ever be the same again.

It happens before you can find the words to express it. In other words, trauma is preverbal, therefor a way home to yourself after living in the shadow of such a disruption to the self must include a non-verbal response. At Your Life Matters, you learn a process of self-soothing that resets the stress response at the level of the nervous system. This allows your health to improve, your relaxation response to be restored as well as a sense of ease and wellbeing in body and mind. Ultimately, however, it’s a balm to your soul when you discover you are not powerless. You have the tools to find a way forward within your grasp.

Discover an embodied solution that relieves years of tension. It releases new energy for living and ends the seemingly endless dominance of the grief cycle that conventional wisdom only perpetuates.

Expertise You Can Count On
When you reconnect with your inner wisdom, you regain the ability to connect to the only things you can really count on in life: not other people, but your connection with the Universe...
Proud to Facilitate A Shift in Human Consciousness

• Feldenkrais Guild of America Certified  

• Founded in 2010 After Recovery From Significant Trauma

• Based on a Lifetime of Practice, Training & Life Experience

• MNSU Graduate Program in Teaching Writing Certified.

• Level II iRest Meditation Certified

• Helping People in Pain Since 1997

• Serving Jacksonville, OR & the World via Zoom

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Your Life Matters

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How It Works
We can just as easily do this from a distance, if need be. In fact, we can do certain things more easily online than in person. I can record sessions for your reference later because trauma can affect how much we can take in at once and it can be helpful to listen again once you've processed some new awareness. I can guide you in your journaling process with written feedback which is more effective because verbal feedback is easily forgotten and harder to follow through on...

There are three levels of participation:

>>>Self-paced courses that teach you a DIY approach to finding your way back to a life you love.

>>>Live Courses with added Group Sessions, rich with the possibility of forming a lifelong support system of women on the same path.

>>>One-on-One Coaching after immersion in the practice to fine tune things according to the mission for your life that comes out of doing this brave and sacred work.

A Return to Independent Resilience & Autonomy

"I've never had much patience for micromanaging...There is no quick fix. Trauma retrains the brain to a negative set-point. This brave and sacred work teaches you to use your emotions for creativity which allows you to come back into a more positive range. The added support of having someone behind you who genuinely cares, and who has been through it herself in addition to years of education and training, you get more support than through conventional channels."


Feel free to contact me
Phone: +1-541-777-0124


Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, LMT, GCFP

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