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The idea of the Trauma Release Method evolved out of the intersection of personal experience and over 25 years of professional development, training and introspective practices.

Emotional Clearing
It's the transitions in life that make old trauma come back to haunt you. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a child, the devastation of the fires or a regression to old hurts caused by recent world events, this completely new model of surpassing grief, trauma and PTSD gives you your life back.

Transitions such as these strip away everything nonessential and leave you in a limbo that questions everything you thought you knew or believed. The mind will make some kind of meaning out of the wreckage, but if you allow this to happen without being conscious of what you're thinking, it can take you down some very dark roads. What you think about what happens can make your experience of life either sublime or wretched.

If you have been thrown into such a transition, you brain is working on autopilot trying to regain a sense of your place in the world. It's unnerving and challenging. It brings you face to face with your most secluded dreams and your deepest wounds.

This is not a place you want to navigate by yourself, at least not if you want to avoid getting stuck in quicksand. When emotions run wild, conventional approaches put labels on people, labels such as depressed, traumatized, hyper-vigilant or disassociated. Yet, you are not what happens to you; you are going through what happens to you. The shift is to understand that this death, this loss, this trauma is forcing you to transition to a new place within yourself. The pain is magnified by getting stuck there. Conventional thinking that labels you keeps you tied to the problem instead of showing you a simple process for transitioning out of this dark night of the soul.

You are feeling destroyed because some part of you has been devastated and there are so many unanswered questions looping in your brain about why, or how, or what it all means. If you feel like you are dying from lack of hope or from despair, it completely takes away your agency, your motivation. If you don't control this downward spiral, it becomes your future. Your future is based on the choices you make now.

When you are stuck in a pattern of excessive emotions that keep surfacing over and over again, you are making a choice that disempowers you. People begin to avoid you, or worse, they begin to treat you with pity. They fear your pain, anger, loss and regret. They fear any over-the-top reaction to life. This makes it even worse. Thus, the choice to do nothing is a choice that leads to a decline. It's not just a choice to that keeps you stuck. It's a choice that actively leads in the direction of things getting worse and worse.

When your emotions run you or are out of control it creates a future that is not only going to give you more of the same, but it alienates you from yourself and from others. Life can only deteriorate if this is what's happening.

However, with Trauma Release Method™ Emotional Clearing™ you can process these emotions. You can free yourself from the emotions and, at the same time, you create a space for other people in your life to be free as well. This shifting of consciousness shifts the relationship at an energetic level. It releases patterns of survival, desire and family drama. But most of all, it releases the emotion so you can feel good and regain a sense of being alive without drama.

When you do Emotional Clearing™, you integrate what you see out there with what you experience inside. You own your emotions and the effect their vibration has on your life. It creates an expansion of awareness that allows you to experience the full grace and majesty of living fully in the world, being in it, but not completely of it, because you have connected with the ephemeral parts of yourself that provide synchronicity and inner guidance spontaneously.

Whether you are in the vulnerable position of coming back from the deep mourning of an intimate death, or a lifetime of losses, it's a wake-up call to clear the emotions that have led you to this moment in time. There is no fault or blame, just a need to find a new equilibrium. Trauma is a call to find a new, more direct appreciation of the consciousness itself that is your essential divine essence. It's an opportunity to enhance your vitality, a demand from beyond the veil to stop living in the realm of the mundane. You have become extraordinary. Own it.

You have evolved in ways most people would say is impossible. You have already survived things that destroy most people and most relationships. You have already made the recognition that life is too short to mess around, too precious. It's time to take it to the next level of consciousness. At this is the level of consciousness, it is yours to release the outrage at injustice and take the road back to the kind and compassionate person who resides deep inside.

Contact Your Life Matters 541 777-0124 to try a free session, today. You be the judge. Emotional Clearing™ is not a psychological process. It's a spiritual one. It's a process of self-inquiry, profound stillness and restorative clarity. It's a way to discover what is True North for YOU personally. The goal is independence, not dependence. The goal is freedom, not suffering. The goal is to be unconditionally able to respond to life, not react to it.

How to Gain Emotional Clarity

Balance is an inside job.

That's excellent, because it means you can direct it and you can affect it with your intention, your will and your power of choice.

What Is the Answer? A Path to finding YOUR individual Answers.

We live in unprecedented times. This is a singular moment in history, one that is so fraught with pressure and conflict that meditation is more vital than ever before. The global loss of freedom and exposure to external forces that cultivate mass anxiety makes everyone more vulnerable, more vulnerable to disease, to control and to learned helplessness. A meditation practice is no longer just "a good idea;" it's a necessity. Notice that these times mimic the consequences of sudden loss which are so traumatic individually. How? What the future holds is unclear. Nothing can be planned. We are suspended in a constant state of not-knowing.

"But what is dystopia to the ego may well be utopia for the Real Self." ~Shunyamurti

A sense of calm is a direct result of meditation. Emotional Clarity is an offshoot of meditation. It's a guided process that releases and makes room for the ability to sense joy and presence, connection and innate wisdom.

"In the presence of Reverence, there can be no violence."  ~Gabrielle Pullen

iRest Meditation Research: PTSD
According to the National Center for PTSD, an estimated 5.2 million Americans adults are thought to have PTSD in any given year, and about 7% to 8% of the U.S. population will experience some form of PTSD in their lifetime. ~ Yet, this was before the pandemic. How much more of an issue is it now? Read the Original Study: Transforming Trauma: A Qualitative Feasibility Study of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra on Combat- Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

iRest Meditation Research: Exhaustion
Physiological and psychological symptoms of burnout are categorized as a “syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment.” In contrast to happiness which is defined as limited and dependent on keeping track of external events. Well-being, on the other hand, is not bound to any variable. With this practice of meditation, there is a restorative experience of mastery and relaxation that can also be described as the ease and comfort that arises out of cultivating inner resources. Read the Original Study: Effects of Integrative Restoration iRest on Perceived Stress in Workers.
iRest Meditation Research: Complex Trauma
The effects of chronic trauma have been linked to dissociation, chronic hyper– arousal, memory impairment, to decreased emotion regulation and unsatisfactory social relations. The physiological changes that occur in the chronically trauma– exposed brain may create exceptional difficulty in engaging in mindfulness and mediation practices. The consistency of the iRest Meditation Protocol has been shown to train women to create an environment of safety within that helps them improve self-regulation and overall wellbeing because it is more easily accessible than other kinds of meditation that require sitting postures. Read the Original Study: Exploring the Experiences of Women with Complex Trauma with the Practice of iRest Yoga Nidra.
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As a Co-Meditation

In a private Co-Meditation Session, the teacher acts as a mirror to guide your process of self inquiry. The reference point of a teacher allows for the session to be specialized to whatever arises. You go away with the session, a recording of it AND a customized iRest meditation that you can refer back to over again whenever these same issues come up. Discover the part of YOU that remains eternally untouched by trauma.

There is nothing more valuable than having an emotionally safe person bear witness to
your experience to facilitate moving on...

Listen to the audio Interview with founder, Richard Miller.

iRest Co-Meditation Interview
This process engages the ancient principle of the witness and of holding space.
Note: I recorded this interview with Richard Miller of iRest.org in 2020, about 11 years before my daughter died.
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The emphasis is always on facilitating coming to a deep place of wellbeing and peace in relation to your individual issues. We have all experienced trauma at some point in time. Yet, each of us also has a place within that is never broken, never threatened and always available with a little guidance.
Trauma Release Method Coaching
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Trauma makes people give up. It makes people cave in emotionally. But now it’s time to choose a new identity, one that allows you to believe in yourself completely. 

The Trauma Release MethodTM is a clear, self-directed set of 14 steps to reprogram negative patterns due to unprocessed loss over years. Get free of negative emotion.

Like happiness, resilience is an inside job.
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Reframing how we see things is an almighty shift in perspective - not only to heal

and to overcome fear, anxiety and compulsion - but all forms of suffering.

It's that constant negative chatter that creates suffering because it cuts the connection to the source of your being and the flow of life energy. In circle, we hold the space for creating a calmer, more joyous reality.

Let's change the internal narrative that determines the quality of our lives together! 10 Week Commitment to yourself and the others in circle. Wherever two or more are gathered with the same intention, conscious purpose is amplified...Get your Free iRest Meditation NOW! Why wait until the circle starts when you can begin to feel better now?

Emotional Processing

We believe in giving YOU the tools to regain internal balance. Empower yourself to regain peace of mind.
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